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Internet Marketing Services

Not only does List Spike offer customized WordPress website design and installation of WordPress themes, but we also are able to provide a wide variety of additional services. Having these services available in one convenient place can help you take your business from “so-so” to “wow!” by helping you develop a recognizable and memorable brand.

We can offer you all of the following services:

  • Customized WordPress Website Design
  • Installing WordPress Themes
  • Brand Development and Design
  • Social Media Development
  • Graphic Design

Customized WordPress Design For Your Website

Even if you are a already a successful online entrepreneur or business owner you can still benefit from taking the next step and turning your business into a recognizable and memorable brand to get you noticed. We can support you as you become an authority in your niche. Get help with customized WordPress Website Design!

With Help From List Spike your website success dreams can come true!

Working with List Spike to develop your customized WordPress website will mean that you don’t just get a existing template to fill in. List Spike will help you put together an interesting and exciting website with the features that you need. One that is perfect for your needs as well as the needs of your clients.

During the process of creating your Custom WordPress Website Design, we will examine your entire website. We can help you find the best ways for presenting your information, such as what information should be included in your sidebar and footer, as well as how to make your site intriguing for both existing clients as well as new customers. We help you put thought and planning into how your visitors will navigate around your site, learn about your brand, and embrace your message. Finally, we will design every aspect of your website including the various pages you need, such as a blog page and sales page.

Along with every Customized WordPress package provided by List Spike is the careful attention to detail when it comes to the setup of the technical parts – Everything is included so that there are no surprise charges later! This means that we help you with setting up the sidebar widgets and different social media links that you need. We will take care of installing and configuring the right plug-ins you need as well.

As soon as your site is ready to be launched, List Spike will help you learn how to work with it, including editing. You will receive plenty of instruction and training, as we walk you through the WordPress dashboard and show you how to work with your site, including teaching you how to add and remove or edit your content, use the various features and how to best optimize your site for the search engines.

WordPress Theme Installation

If you have a ho-hum website and you are not sure where to go next, you may need some help with the technical setup of your existing WordPress theme. Use what you have to get noticed and get ranked! Let List Spike get you going in the right direction.

With our WordPress Theme Installation and Technical Setup, List Spike will work closely with you for all of the technical details of setting up a website.

We can help you by establishing your hosting account and installing your personally chosen StudioPress theme. We will work with you to get the sidebar widgets and social media links set up properly. We will install and configure all of the right plug-ins you need for many of the various functions that are available.

Your site will function flawlessly when you let List Spike take care of the WordPress Theme Installation. You can feel comfortable knowing that your site and all the details that go with it on the technical end will be set up correctly and functioning the way they should be. List Spike also offers excellent design strategies with a customized header added to the site. Also, we will help you choose the ideal color palette to reflect your brand. When your new WordPress site is ready to go, we will teach you how to use the WordPress dashboard, showing you exactly how to do everything, including teaching you how to add and remove or edit your content, how to publish a post to your blog, how to best optimize your site for the search engines, and more.

Additional Creative Services

Working with List Spike to create your WordPress website will allow you to also have access to information that only our clients have, related to some extra services, including:

Brand Design

You should realize that your branding is one of the most important parts of your business, because it is visual and it is what will get your recognized. But before you can design your brand, you need to know exactly what your message is and who you are trying to reach.

List Spike will help you define your message and identify your ideal client. We can help you write your own compelling story and help you explain why you stand out among your competitors. Whether you have an existing brand that needs work or you need to develop a new brand, we can work with you to be clear about exactly what your brand stands for.

If you already have a brand, List Spike can work with you to create your overall “look” and feel of how your business is presented, which is the visual representation of your brand. Once your brand design is perfect, we then work with you to create a plan for a brand support package that includes any other materials you may need.

Social Media Design

Once you start working with List Spike for any length of time, you will realize that when it comes to creating a brand through social media, List Spike offers you some of the best support in the business.

Social media success is primarily based on authenticity and communication. But, consistency in your message and the visual logo is what helps differentiate you from your competitors. We can work with you to make your brand recognition stronger through social media with items such as:

  • Developing a Twitter presence
  • Developing a Facebook presence
  • Developing a YouTube presence
  • Setting up your “About Us” page
  • And everything else related to an effective social media campaign

Also, to help you further engage with your targeted audience, we can help you develop an email marketing plan to help you maintain brand consistency, promote awareness and visibility of your brand, and increase the overall effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

When you work with List Spike to design and develop your email newsletter, you will have a custom template that is designed to match your website and branding. We help you with the installation of your template into your email marketing provider account, and train you just how to use it.