About ListSpike

So who are we? We are a tiny team of online entrepreneurs who love providing great content, valuable products, and decent comedy to our subscribers on our sites.

We created ListSpike to share what we know and still do every day to grow our own email list, with the goal of building a highly engaged audience who loves what we create and is willing to pay money for it.

After all, isn’t that why we are all here online trying to carve out our own little slice of the pie for a few 💰💰💰?

ListSpike Manifesto

  1. Enjoy the entrepreneurial journey.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Add value and entertainment.
  4. Try doing what everyone else isn’t doing.
  5. Focus on being genuine and caring for others and the money will take care of itself.
  6. Build trust first.
  7. Don’t overwork yourself.
  8. Be confident and humble at the same time, always.
  9. Challenge yourself daily.
  10. Don’t just tell it, show how and teach others how to reach their goals.